What is Nactus

Nactus is a unique platform for all who teach and all who learn. Nactus is an Internet-based smart phone application which focuses on improving overall learning experience by facilitating not only a discovery of the tutors nearby but also providing with other technological tools to make learning more organized and more efficient in a manner that it is beneficial to both Tutors and Students alike.

Why Nactus

  • Nactus provides a complete learning management platform where not only students can find quality tutors but also manage their classes on a daily basis. No other platform offers such a holistic experience. Further, while offering all this, Nactus does not interfere in the basic student tutor relationship.
  • Nactus provides a very interactive two way chat communication between the tutor and the student / parent eliminating the need for use of any social massaging platform of bulk SMS facility. It becomes a one stop solution for all the class management and communication requirements.
  • Nactus provides users with unique tools to be able to organize tuition classes, be reminded about upcoming classes and interact with the tutors on a single mobile app including cancelling and rescheduling classes if required.
  • Being a learning management application, Nactus can be used by all types of tutors. Any tutor irrespective of their style of teaching can use Nactus to their benefits. It complements them with all its tools to organize their learning. Further, it helps protect student’s information from competitive or undesirable access..
  • Students can also buy study notes on individual topics that they may require independent of their tutor or classes. Yes anybody and everybody has access to the notes.