The importance of teachers

Teachers, or Gurus, play the most important role in a student’s life. It is a teacher who is mainly responsible for the mental growth and education of a children. Their role in society is very significant and valuable; they educate the youth of society, who in turn become the leaders of the next generation of people. Teachers are the ones who teach children and impart knowledge upon them during the most impressionable years of a child’s...


Things about education a student must understand

A student who finds new meaning in education from time to time wins at life. Getting a college degree does not mean that students will have a meaningful life ahead and earn name and fame! Bill Gates dropped out of college, Albert Einstein never completed schooling, and Steve Jobs and Mark Zuckerberg too didn't have a college degree! These great billionaires, amongst others, have taught us that education is much more than getting good grades and earning a prestigious degree. If you, as a...


Benefits of private tutoring

For all parents, the education of their children is at the top of their priority list but only a number of parents spend money on the supplementary tuition of their children. Private tutoring wins over tutoring in groups as it is very beneficial for a student in many ways. The reasons are valid and are listed below:

  • Customized lessons

Private tutors customize their sessions according to the student’s needs, i.e. areas where more...


Online Tests

The key to the new world of education is technology. To gain access to education, e-learning has become a significant part in every student’s life. To analyze a student’s preparation level, it is always beneficial to go for Online Mock Tests. This will not only help to learn about how much preparation has been done, but also one will get to know about what more is in space for them. For almost all kinds of exams, online tests are conducted today. This gives a person a clear...


Why Nactus?

Many students feel that they can excel in the field of education without a tutor, that is, without any external help apart from school teachers, while majority of the students feel that they need a tutor to nourish their skills and help them in a specific subject or more than one subject. Well, it is always better to have a tutor. There is no harm in learning something more or in a different and easier way, is it? Life is beautiful and offers something new to learn everyday according to...


Why tutoring is important?

Tutoring is supposedly an important part of a student’s education. A tutor is a person who works hand-in-hand with a student to provide him/her remedy, enrichment and other support. It is not necessary that a tutor has to teach students who are geniuses already. A tutor can help students to get into college, teach a student how to read and write, help a struggling math student with difficult concepts of the subject and help someone who is looking for...


Facts about the education system in India

It is indeed a matter of pride where India is considered to have one of the largest education systems in the world, with 1.4 million schools, 227 million students and 36,000 institutes providing higher education. Having been independent in 1947, India has made significant progress in improving the literacy rate. According to the Constitution of India, every child of age six to fourteen is entitled to receive free and mandatory education as a means of fundamental rights. The fundamental...


5 Things To Look For In A Tutor

Who doesn’t want a well-qualified tutor that would help them improve their marks and achieve their educational goals? Some students need a little extra help outside the classrooms for better understanding and knowledge of a subject. So, what are the qualities that must be in a tutor to help you with your education?


The first and foremost thing that everyone must know about their tutor is their qualification. If you are...


NACTUS: Helping you shape your child's future

There is always more than what our eyes can see. There is a hidden reason behind every violence and every revenge that has ever been taken. India is a diverse country with different religions and cultures and it is very difficult for a government and a single leader to control billions of people. It is extremely saddening to learn about rape cases, child labour, bomb blasts, child marriages, suicides and child abuse. The only thing that can stop all this is...



A common point of view about the internet that had spread across the country like a forest fire is that, children only use the internet to play games and to maintain social networking accounts.

Parents often tend to forget that it is the internet that is giving zillions of solutions for any problem, be it an injury or a monument’s history. In an era, where the Internet is seen more as a bane, it is your responsibility to prove everybody wrong by making the right use of what...

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